Monday, 2 June 2014

Mini review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

GoodReads: THE ISOBEL JOURNAL is no ordinary snapshot of a contemporary teenage life. A charming and vivid narrative scrapbook of the eighteen-year-old author's sketches, mini-graphic novels, photographs and captions, it captures her wit, her observations and her creative talent as she takes us through the three central themes in her life: 'Love', 'Friends, Art and Otters' and 'Me'. 

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Expected publication date: 01/08/14 (US)

The Isobel Journal is a cute and quirky little graphic novel. It mostly consists of sketches (drawn by Isobel herself) and photos with captions containing random thoughts and musings. It follows 18 year old Isobel's teenage years.

It covers four central themes: random facts about Isobel, friends/art/college/otters, love and breaking up. There were funny moments and relatable moments: a lot of the time I found myself thinking "I like that too!" or "I do that too!" If I had a print copy I would have taken photos of my favourite pages, but since I only have a digital copy I decided to include my favourite captions instead: [edit] The publisher tweeted me saying that a selected few pages are available on their website, so I've inserted them below (click to enlarge).

 "A lot of the time I live in my own world"

" I love tea... I don't want to be one of those people.... but it is great!"  
"Occasionally I daydream"
" My favourite thing to do is probably lying in bed or eating snacks...or both at the same time"
"Fresh sheets are so great" 
I can so relate to all of these things. Anyway, to conclude: The Isobel Journal made me laugh, smile, and reminisce about my teenage years. I will definitely be buying a print copy of this book!



  1. This sounds SO ADORABLE!!!!!

    I hadn't heard of this one before but I am definitely adding it to my TBR list and it's on NG? I should request it then... shouldn't I?

    Great review, Renu!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  2. This does sound like a fun cute little read.

  3. I hope to read this one soon, but i have an e-book copy as well. Seems like something great to have in print!

  4. This sounds so cute and sweet <3
    I can't wait to have the chance to read this.

  5. Aw! That is an adorable cover :D And I'm so glad the book was adorable as well. <3 Amazing review sweetie. I'm happy you enjoyed this :) Thank you for sharing. <3

  6. This sounds pretty adorable :D And I like how the cover matches the color of your header, LOL. Glad you liked it! <33

  7. I haven't heard of this one but ti sounds really cute!! :) I love the cover too and graphic novels are always fun. Great review :)

  8. Ha, I love all the quotes you shared, specifically the tea one! And the one about clean sheets!

    The cover for this is adorable and I can only imagine the insides are the same :)

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  9. Loved the quotes. Isobel sounds so quirky and fun. I will have to look this up at my library!

  10. These review is awesome! I read the Isobel Journal and loved it, especially how relatable it was and as you said, how cute and quirky it was..I felt like ripping the pages out to stick them on my walls! o.o

  11. I'm digging the artistic style! They're like artsy scribbles. Great find, Renu! I wouldn't have ever have heard of this one if you hadn't posted about it so thanks for the review!

  12. Never heard of this but really loving that cover!

  13. this sounds like a totally random book yet at the same time quite fun to read especially those relatable moments. Nice review! :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  14. Holy smoke, the graphics are so quirky and awesome! I don't think this is my kind of read, but the fact that it made you smile and took you down a memory lane? Awesome! So glad that there are books like this out there in the world--so pretty. Truly, truly pretty :)

  15. Oh this book sounds so adorable, I haven't heard of it before but I just love the sound of it! Great review, thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Oh, the illustrations look beautiful! Scrapbooks are always so pretty. :) I love the color palette so I think I'll check it out when it comes out! It's great to hear that you can connect with this book, Renu! Hmmm, what did I do when I was 18 year old? I think like Isobel, all I did was " lying in bed or eating snacks...or both at the same time". Haha xD

    Lovely review, Renu! :)

  17. This sounds great! I don't pick up graphic novels very often, but I can see that I'll like this one. I love those captions you shared. Lying in bed and eating are my two favourite activities. ;)

  18. I don't read a lot of graphic novels, but this one sounds delightful. The illustrations are adorable too. Glad you enjoyed this enough to purchase it for yourself.


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