Saturday 24 March 2012

Working Stiff by Rachel Caine

Goodreads Summary: Bryn Davis knows working at Fairview Mortuary isn't the most glamorous career choice, but at least it offers stable employment--until she discovers her bosses using a drug that resurrects the clientele as part of an extortion racket. Now, Bryn faces being terminated--literally, and with extreme prejudice.

Wit the help of corporate double-agent Patrick McCallister, Bryn has a chance to take down the bigger problem--pharmaceutical company Pharmadene, which treats death as the ultimate corporate loyalty program. She'd better do it fast, before she becomes a zombie slave--a real working stiff. She'd be better off dead... 

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Working Stiff is a dark and thrilling read!
As a fan of Caine's Morganville Vampire series I had high expectations going into this and I'm happy to say it did not disappoint...
Working Stiff introduces us to Bryn Davis, a women who has spent the past four years in Iraq as part of the military, but by no means does this make her a super bad-ass. I mean sure she knows a few fighting techniques and how to use a gun, but other than that she's a just like the rest of us. I liked that she was portrayed as a regular person, it made it easier to relate to her. For example on her first day of work at Faireview Mortuary she's worried about the shade of her lipstick, which is understandable after spending so many years in the military - she just wants to settle back into normality. I also admired that she stood up for herself and didn't take crap from anyone, she is definitely up there on my list of favourite heroines.
Rachel Caine has a way with characters. I loved Patrick and Joe - Patrick with his brooding and mysterious exterior and Joe with his quick wit and humour. They're completely different from one another yet equally as lovable. Although there is no romance (more like hints of one to come) the choice of love interest definitely took me by surprise!
The concept of the story is definitely unique and although Working Stiff is a dark and gritty read Caine adds a nice dose of humor to help lighten the mood.
“Bryn, my job is to make sure you don’t do anything stupid. So yeah. I followed you. When you leave your house in the middle-class version of ninja clothes, I pay attention. You didn’t look like you were running out for milk and kibble.”



  1. Great review! I am a huge fan of RC's YA books, and look forward to starting some of her adult books soon. I'm glad this one didn't disappoint! She's always great at throwing some humour in despite a dark and gritty story-line - It's probably why I adore her writing style so much. :)

  2. Believe it or not, I still haven't read a thing by Rachel Caine, but this one sure sounds liek something I'd ove to read. :)

  3. This book sounds like a fun read. I'm already addicted to Rachel Caine's Morganville Vamps so I got to check this one out too. Awesome review!

  4. Oh wow!! I still haven't read Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires yet (although I'm making a point to get on it soon because of how much people have loved it), but now at least I can be sure that her awesomeness isn't a fluke because this book sounds really awesome too! :) I don't know anyone who doesn't love a dark, gritty, and fast-paced book!

    Awesome review, Renu! :)