Wednesday 18 January 2023

Review: Dragonfall by L.R. Lam

Long ago, humans betrayed dragons, stealing their magic and banishing them to a dying world. Centuries later, their descendants worship dragons as gods. But the 'gods' remember, and they do not forgive.

Thief Arcady scrapes a living on the streets of Vatra. Desperate, Arcady steals a powerful artifact from the bones of the Plaguebringer, the most hated person in Lumet history. Only Arcady knows the artifact's magic holds the key to a new life among the nobles at court and a chance for revenge.

The spell connects to Everen, the last male dragon foretold to save his kind, dragging him through the Veil. Disguised as a human, Everen soon learns that to regain his true power and form and fulfil his destiny, he only needs to convince one little thief to trust him enough to bond completely–body, mind, and soul–and then kill them.

Yet the closer the two become, the greater the risk both their worlds will shatter.

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📌 Publication date: 02/05/2023
📌 Disclaimer: I received an e-arc from the publisher from review 

A fantasy book about dragons? Yes, please! 

Told from two alternating points of view, Dragonfall is one of the better dragon books I've read. For me, it's up there with The Aurelian Cycle by Rosaria Munda. Arcady's chapters are told in third person, whereas Everen's chapters are told in first person. The first person POV might not work for everyone, but it worked for me. There's also occasionally a third point of view. 

Everen is the last male dragon, prophesied to save his kind from the dying land humans banished them to. Arcady is an orphaned thief who is determined to find out the truth behind the death of the Plaguebringer. When she steals a powerful artifact her path collides with Everen's. There begins a slow burn enemies to lovers to enemies dynamic.  I admit I shipped them quite early on. I mean, the quips? The relationship development? So good!

The writing style wasn't my favourite, although I did get used to it after a while. I also felt that there was a lack of exploration into the magic system and world. Hopefully there will be more world building in the sequel. 


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