Friday 23 December 2016

Top 5 non-canon ships

I've been lucky in that most of the couples I've shipped have end up together, but sometimes they don't. So, here's my top five non-canon ships:

  • Janelle & Barclay from the Unravelling duology by Elizabeth Norris - These two, guys. These two. 😭
  • Harry & Hermione from the Harry Potter series - I love their friendship, but I wouldn't have minded if they had ended up together. Just sayin'... 😉
  • Thorne & Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer - Don't get me wrong, I love Cinder/Kai, but I also like the idea of Cinder/Thorne. 😶
  • Hermione & Draco from the Harry Potter series - I know, I know, but what can I say? The potential there for a good enemies to lovers romance...*shrugs* 😂

What are some of your favourite non-canon ships?


  1. Fun post! I never wanted Harry and Hermione to be together, but I DID want Harry and Draco - even though I knew it would never happen. They just have a good hate-to-love type of thing going on. haha


  2. At first I wouldn't have minded if Harry and Hermione got together but I'm happy with the way things ended up :) This was a fun topic^^

  3. I.. I can't helpt it, I never shipped any of these, haha :D But love that you shipped them all a bit. <3 Hugs. Lovely post Renu :) I'm sorry your ships didn't happen ;p Yet happy for me, haha :)

  4. Fun question! Neville and Luna is my favorite non-canon HP ship. Sorry, I can't get into Hermione and Draco at all. And I actually treasured the platonic Harry-Hermione relationship as a terrific example that you can be best friends with someone of the opposite gender without it ever having to get romantic/sexual. I don't think there's enough of that, in real life or in fiction.

    Other non-canon ships for me? 1) Kel and Dom, in Tamora Pierce's Squire and Lady Knight. There are hints it might happen eventually, but so far, they're just friends. 2) Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler, the woman who bested him, once. I'm talking original stories, not the Benedict Cumberbatch series (I love that version, but can't see his Holmes & that Irene Adler together.) There are some stories that have played with this possibility; I think Laurie R. King did it best in The Language of Bees.

    BTW, I love your "Love Triangle Free Zone" button. I'm so fed up with those, especially if they're just an easy way for the author to introduce some tension, rather than truly important to the plot.