Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mini review: Death Sworn by Leah Cypess

GoodReads Summary: When Ileni lost her magic, she lost everything: her place in society, her purpose in life, and the man she had expected to spend her life with. So when the Elders sent her to be magic tutor to a secret sect of assassins, she went willingly, even though the last two tutors had died under mysterious circumstances.

But beneath the assassins’ caves, Ileni will discover a new place and a new purpose… and a new and dangerous love. She will struggle to keep her lost magic a secret while teaching it to her deadly students, and to find out what happened to the two tutors who preceded her. But what she discovers will change not only her future, but the future of her people, the assassins… and possibly the entire world.

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For a story about assassins and magic Death Sworn sure was boring. I had expected to find excitement, action, and a ship worthy romance in this book. But no, Death Sworn held no excitement, the romance and characters were dull and lusterless.

To begin with, I found myself liking Ileni. However, as the story progressed I become more and more detached from her. While I appreciated the growth she went through I can't say I was particularly bothered one way or another about what happened to her.

As a love interest, Sorin didn't really appeal to me. His character as a whole was pretty under developed; there was just no growth. As for the romance it lacked chemistry, there wasn't really a genuine sense of connection between Sorin and Ileni.

Death Sworn could have been great, but sadly it failed to hit the mark.



  1. Oh no, it was boring? Blah! I think I will avoid this one. Fantasy already isn't my strong suit so I think I will just not read this one all together.

  2. Bummer, I love fantasy and assassins, but one of my friends didn't really like this one much either. Hopefully your next read is better, Renu.

  3. Sadly, I felt the same about this one. I had high hopes because I always hear great things about Leah Cypress, but this one failed to leave much of an impression on me at all. I think I'll try out Mistwood sometime and hopefully that works better.

  4. Aw, I am so so sorry that you did not like this book sweetie. I loved it. But I also understand how you feel :\ I'm just glad I managed to enjoy it, hih. But yeah. I don't blame you for not liking it. Hoping you will love the next books that you read :) Thank you for sharing. <3

  5. Aww, so sad to hear that this one is a letdown :(
    But yep, I kinda understand why this one bored you. I would also probably feel the same thing if I couldn't connect with the character, the story is dull, and the romance has no chemistry at all :(
    So yep, definitely pushing this one down my TBR list.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

  6. I ended up liking this one a little more than you did, but I have to agree that the story was more boring than expected!

  7. Thanks for the review, Renu! I've been undecided as to whether or not to read this one, but I haven't seen a lot of positive reviews, so I think I might give this one a miss.


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